How to become the alpha female- how to dress like one

When most people hear the phrase ‘alpha female’ they think of the most gorgeous, powerful or domineering woman they know. However, female alphas are not so easily recognizable. They might be attractive or bossy or authoritative, but this is not what defines them. An alpha female is strong yet playful, powerful and a hard worker, unapologetic and unstoppable. And she dresses up just as so. Her sense of style oozes confidence. She is chic and classy in the way she presents herself to the world.

Here are the fashion staples of the alpha female’s wardrobe.

Well fitted clothes. There is nothing that slays more than clothes which fit well. An alpha female dresses in clothes which are not ill-fitting but in fact, flatter her shape. Clothes should not be an adornment, but as comfortable as a second skin on the body. Do not force yourself to fit into clothes one size smaller. Also, keep in mind your body type and flaunt your shape. Be proud and show off those curves! Accentuate your waistline with a belt, or a pair of tailor-made trousers.

Know exactly what you want. Go to your closet and sort out your piles. De-clutter your wardrobe and separate the items that you have not put your hands on for six months or more. Only keep the items that you actually use and get rid of the rest. This also creates space for additional items.

Accessories. An outfit is incomplete without the appropriate accessories. Whether it is a beautiful watch that compliments your outfit or a pair of sexy sunglasses, accessories add the much-needed oomph to your outfit and take it a level up. Your bags and shoes must also be focused upon and must be both comfortable and complimentary. Have both heels and flats in your wardrobe. Also, winters call for a pair of great boots.

Pay attention to the details. Make sure your clothes are ironed, there are no buttons missing or lints present. An alpha female cannot afford to look ill-groomed. So spend some extra time and ensure that your look is on point. Also, add a touch of X-factor by wearing your favorite fragrance.

Don’t shy away from the classics. Classics are never boring and convey timeless elegance. Pencil skirts and chinos are examples of the same. Throughout ages, from Audrey Hepburn to Dakota Johnson, the alpha females never ditch their classics. A crisp white shirt and black pants never go out of fashion. Neither do staples like Nude heels. They go with every outfit and look amazing!

Experiment with the colors. An Alpha female does not have to stick to whites and blacks, and necessarily shy away from bold colors. Whether it is blue or red, wear your color and show it off to the world.

So who says you can’t be a powerhouse with a killer sense of style? Don’t feel like you need to change who you are to stand out. Trust yourself and stand tall. And wear whatever your heart desires. Carry yourself with confidence and be ready to face the day.

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