Career advice and career options for students after 12th

Done with your board exams and wondering what comes next? Or are you someone who has just started his last year of schooling life and is buzzing with anticipation? Take a deep breath and relax. Here is some career advice for all you students. Read on to find out more.


What to do after my grade 12th?

Number one should be to take a break. Yes, that’s right! You deserve to take some time off to unwind and release all the stress. Reward yourself with a mini vacation after your exams and clear your head. You deserve it after all the hard work. Enjoy with your family and friends and lift your spirits.

Next up is to figure out what interests you as a career. Remember, this is the most crucial part of the entire process. You do not want to end up chasing the wrong dream because you just went along with the herd. Know what makes you tick, what makes you happy. And then dive into the world of learning the same to advance your career. You can choose something within the stream that you took up in school, or even something apart from it. Just because you were a science student for the last 2 years of schooling does not mean that you cannot study economics. Or art. Or anything else that you want! Find out about the eligibility criteria of the course you wish to take up and you’re good to go!

Once you have zeroed in on what you want to pursue, that’s half the journey completed! Next up you need to find out about the entrance exams, if any, for your desired courses and start preparing accordingly. You can indulge in self-preparation or take up classes for this. Keep in mind to keep a variety of options in mind and not just depend on one. Especially if it depends on something unpredictable like the board results, like getting into the Delhi University. Also, if you are someone who has the course figured out but is just waiting for the results idly and getting bored, you can take up an extracurricular activity! Whether it is the quintessential dance and music classes or a new hobby like martial arts, devote your time to learning something to make your life better. Take up diploma or certification courses offered by any reputed institute and you’ll have a shining star to add to your resume in future. Participate in competitions. Another good thing to do will be to find out about the scholarship programs available for the course you want to study. Apply for these programs, especially if you plan to go abroad. This can bring your expenses significantly down.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember is to not worry! You must realize that your life does not depend on a single exam or result, life is much bigger than that. Just dedicate yourself to the process of learning and the end result will be great. All the very best fellas!

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